Dental SEO: The Top SEO Tips to Grow Your Dental Clinic

With over 21,000 dentists in Canada, how are you ever supposed to stand out amongst the sea of competition?dental-seo-tips

You invest in marketing, have an appealing website and clients say they love your practice. But you still aren’t getting the traffic your dental practice needs.

While those are all steps in the right direction, if your dental website isn’t properly optimized for SEO, you might not ever get that traffic you’ve been searching for.

While essential, dental SEO can be both daunting and confusing. But this guide is going to provide you with the top SEO tips for dentists and tricks to optimize your dental website and improve clicks and traffic.

Focus On Long-Tail Keywords

Short-tail keywords are quite common and therefore extremely competitive. By implementing long-tail keywords into your dental SEO, you are giving your site a much larger chance of earning a high ranking on Google for a keyword search.

So, instead of using “teeth whitening” as your keyword, use “affordable teeth whitening Ontario”. Because, while “teeth whitening” is a keyword on thousands on web pages, “affordable teeth whitening Ontario” is a keyword on only a handful of web pages.

And, the longer and more specific your keywords are, the less competition you’ll have to fight for clicks and leads.

Choose High Intent Keywords

There are two types of keywords that you can use when incorporating SEO into your dental website: research intent and high intent (commonly referred to as commercial intent). A research intent keyword example is “signs of cavity” while a high commercial intent keyword example is “cavity fillings in Toronto”.

When you’re beginning to incorporate a strong SEO presence on your website, it’s important to focus on high intent keywords. This is because commercial intent keywords appeal to an audience who is actively seeking dental services to pay for as opposed to those who are just gathering knowledge.

Encourage Patients To Leave Reviews

Everyone knows that positive reviews are great because they show your services are professional and worthy of business. But what many businesses don’t realize is that reviews also improve SEO by showing Google that your guests have a positive experience at your practice.

Reviews can also provide another page of content on your website, which Google also recognizes as a plus. Ask your patients to leave your business a review and it can immensely benefit your SEO.

Optimize Your Entire Website

Making sure each webpage is properly optimized is a key component in creating an SEO friendly website. This includes the homepage, about page, contact page, review page, gallery page and any other pages you might have on your website.

Start by implementing unique, long-tail, hiring intent keywords to every page. You then want to incorporate proper metadata and slugs. Yoast SEO is a plugin on WordPress that can tremendously assist you with this step.

Implement A Blog Into Your Website

Blogs are essential in the world of SEO. Not only do they set you apart from your competition, but they also provide search engines the opportunity to discover plenty of optimized content with longtail and hiring intent keywords.

The more consistent you are with your SEO content, the more advantages this step can bring to your website. Plus, they also create great content for your social media.

Dental SEO Is Key

These dental SEO tips and tricks are bound to get traffic flowing into your website. But, with search engines constantly updating their algorithms, what works today might not work in a few months from now. So, make sure to keep checking back for any dental SEO updates you might need.

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