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Google Search Engine Optimisation


his, one of the top SEO related searches on Google, reveals the unfair characterization of SEO in digital marketing. To be honest, SEO is the soul of digital marketing. Had search engine optimization been dead, digital marketing would have been dead already. In fact, SEO has become an inevitable part of branding strategies of businesses, especially those that seek regional and local search engine rankings.

No matter if you run a retail, small business or services business in the Canada, you need Google SEO to reach out to your audiences, boost sales, establish loyal customer bases, and ensure that your sales copies are not overlooked. SEO becomes your regional/local advisor to gather data, create content, and disseminate information based on customer preferences.

Benefits of Working with Trevor Tynes SEO Company

With years of experience delivering incredible results for businesses of all sizes and budgets, there isn’t a more collaborative team to choose for professional and premium online marketing services, than the team here.

How does our Google SEO Work?

Our in-house SEO team check to see if your site complies with recommendations laid down in Google webmaster guidelines, Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines and documented statements from Google spokespeople.

We crawl your site like Google might.

We analyse a portion of your website to look for problems. We identify underperforming pages on your site and we supply solutions to address the problems discovered in our analysis.

We analyse the performance of both your our website on desktop and mobile devices.

We perform speed tests and we identify elements of your site that slow your site down and could potentially impact your rankings negatively.

We manually review your Google Search Console Data.

We look for examples of technical and admin issues and supply solutions to address any issues found.

We manually review your Google Analytics Data.

We look at historic traffic trends for your website around big Google algorithm updates and see how they impacted your website.

We manually review your site against all available Google webmaster guidelines and recommendations by Google spokespersons

We list by priority any guidelines needing to be addressed and we list solutions based on seo best practices recommended by Google themselves on.

Raise your rankings, engagement and online presence.

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) refers to the method of optimising your content so that it lands on the first page of Google. However, for this to happen, Google requires three things: genuine relevancy, a proven reputation, and a user-friendly website.

On completion of the SEO Audit, we move on to our three step approach:

Hire an SEO Expert to take your site to the pinnacle of search.

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