Irrigation SEO for Lawn Sprinkler Installation & Repair Contractors

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Irrigation SEO for Lawn Sprinkler Installation & Repair Contractors

Irrigation SEO can help contractors rank for terms such as sprinkler repair near me on Google. You can get 60% of searchers (for this topic) if you rank in Google’s Local Map 3Pack alongside traditional organic results.

What is Irrigation SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Irrigation SEO refers to the improvement of a lawn sprinkler installation and repair website and Google Business Profile in order to rank higher on search results for relevant keywords. Your company can increase your SEO ranking and book more irrigation jobs by increasing the number of irrigation leads you receive.

Why SEO is Important for Irrigation Contractors

A message to all contractors providing irrigation service: are you still relying on traditional advertising such as word-of-mouth referrals, print ads, and the YellowPages?  Although they remain somewhat effective at generating leads, there are better ways to attract homeowners and property managers looking for irrigation management.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can be a great complement to your grassroots marketing efforts. Search engines can help you find local businesses and services. SEO will make your business more visible.

The numbers are clear. A market study found that four out of five people use search engines to find local businesses or home services. SEO can be used to increase sales for certain services or specialties.

Irrigation SEO is especially important for landscapers. Many property owners and managers need irrigation services at some point. Your company will be the one they call when that time comes if you’re found on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yep, and other search engines at the very moment people are searching for irrigation services. The following guide is for landscapers and will help you improve your irrigation SEO rankings.

Local SEO for Irrigation Contractors

There are many aspects to your landscaping business. It is, at its core, a local business. Most likely, your business meets the needs of both residents and business owners. This is why Google Maps SEO or Google Business Profile SEO for irrigation companies is so important.

Your local people will likely know you and your team on a first-name basis. Your first foray into SEO should be focused on your local area. Register your business on Google Business Profile. GBP can help you get into the local three-map pack and let people know you offer your services.

Houzz, Homestars, Trusted Pros, and Angi’s are great options, as well. You can customize your profile to reflect the services you provide on all of these sites. They are designed for home service contractors like you.

You should also use local business schema markup to improve the technical aspects of your website. Search engines will be able to index your site more easily if it has local schema markup.

If someone searches for “irrigation companies near me”, local schema markup will indicate to search engines that your company offers irrigation services in the vicinity of that person (if you actually are in that area).

Content Marketing for Lawn Irrigation Companies

People now get their information via blogs, videos and social media posts, for better or worse. Each vertical has information about local businesses and services. Let’s say that someone is interested in learning more about the benefits of installing a drip irrigation or sprinkler system on their property.

They may search for what the industry calls a “research intent” search. They might search for information about drip systems or sprinklers, even though they aren’t ready to invest in them yet.

We also have buyer intent searches. These are people who use search engines to find products to purchase or businesses to work with/hire. A good example of a buyer intent search is “sprinkler system installation” or “irrigation companies”; many times people will make searches like these and add their city, town, or neighbourhood to the end.

You should also have content on YouTube or other social media sites that can inform and convert people, regardless of whether they are ready to buy.

Online Reputation Management for Irrigation Installers

Online reviews have become a vital commodity for every business. Online reviews are as important as word-of-mouth referrals. Make sure that your company is listed on Yelp, Better Business Bureau, or other public review sites so that other customers can leave reviews about your business.

Make sure your staff is asking for reviews. Make it easy for them to leave reviews. QR codes that can be printed on business cards could lead to a review page. Send out emails that include a link to your review pages.

Link Building for Lawn Sprinkler System Installation & Repair Contractors

Websites that have strong backlink profiles can rank higher for relevant keywords. To rank, you will still need to do on-page SEO. These techniques are much more effective if you have strong link authority. By joining your local chamber, you can gain links and network with other local businesses.

Guest posting on trusted websites is another way to get links. You can also submit pitches via HARO to reporters. Although acquiring links can be a powerful SEO strategy, there are risks. Certain link-building strategies, such as buying links, can violate Google’s quality guidelines. This could result in a manual penalty or de-indexation. But, at the end of the day, we buy link in one way or another. Even if we blatantly buy links, they can be marked as sponsored, and this wouldn’t violate the guidelines.

Publishing high-quality blog posts that target informational keywords and data-driven queries is the best way to get backlinks. If your blog post contains original statistics, many websites will naturally link to it. If you publish a data-driven blog post about the most popular sprinkler types in a particular region, you can expect to get organic and natural links.

Hire A Former Dirt Plumber Turned SEO to Help Generate More Leads for Your Irrigation Business

Yes, it’s true. I used to be a certified irrigation installer myself. Although I did several openings and closings for residential clients throughout Toronto, my main focus was on commercial sprinkler system installations through the Downsview Group’s irrigation division. Here’s the deal: I have experience in your industry and as good as I was at it, I’m even better at SEO, especially Google Maps Search Engine Optimization, where the majority of leads come from for contractors.

If you want more leads to turn into irrigation contracts and jobs, let’s talk. You could even qualify for a month of free local SEO. ūüėé